How to shape your eyebrows

You’d be surprised at what a big difference well-shaped eyebrows make to your overall appearance. How you shape them can make your features look more balanced, help emphasize and frame your eyes and give your face a more polished look. It may seem easy, but shaping your eyebrows is more than just tweezing until you get the desired effect. Follow our guide for shaping your brows like an expert.

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Steps for shaping your brows

1Find the start: While looking in the mirror hold a pencil, ruler or other straight edge vertically in front of your face so it’s touching the inside of your eye and the outside of your nose. This will indicate where your eyebrow should naturally begin. Mark the spot with an eyebrow pencil and move to the other eye.

2Find the arch: Looking straight ahead in the mirror, angle your ruler or pencil so this time one end is against the outside of your nose and the other is lined up with the edge of your iris (the colored part of your eye). Wherever the straight edge hits on your brow represents where the highest part of the arch should be. Rarely do brows grow in a straight line, rather they have a natural arch. This step will help you find the most flattering spot for an arch. Mark the spot and repeat with the other eye.

3Find the end: To determine where your brow should end, angle your straight edge from the outside of your nose to the spot where your eye stops. This is the place your eyebrow should end. Mark the spot and repeat with the other eye.

4Think about thickness: Before you get out the tweezers and start plucking according to the measurements you’ve made, you’ll want to determine how thick your brows should be (and how much you should pluck). To a certain extent this is a matter of personal preference, but you should consider your features. Are they bold? If so, don’t over-pluck. Strong, prominent features need an equally strong brow to balance them out. If you have more delicate features with fine facial bones, you can go with a thinner brow.

5Be cautious: Err on the side of caution when it comes to shaping your brows. Healthy, well-shaped and cleanly-groomed brows (no errant hairs) always look good and will always be better than brows that are too sparse.

Choosing the right brow shape

How you shape your brows will depend on your face shape.

  • Round: To minimize the width of a round face emphasize the arch more when shaping your brows.
  • Oval: Aim for less of an arch and keep brows flatter to minimize the length of your face.
  • Angular: Eyebrows that are slightly rounded can help soften more prominent angles if you have a square face.

Hair removal methods

If you’re shaping your eyebrows at home you can either use tweezers to pluck out individual brows, or you can use an at-home waxing kit to remove multiple hairs. Tweezing allows you to be more precise, whereas waxing can be trickier. Depending on how unruly your brows are you can use wax to start with and then shift to tweezers for the areas where more precision is required.

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