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5 Cute green dresses for St. Patrick’s Day


When St. Patrick’s Day rolls around it’s always a bummer to realize that your favorite dress doesn’t have a spec of green in it. Instead of searching your closet high and low trying to compile a green outfit that’s still stylish, check out these great finds! These cute green dress picks will keep you looking trendy on the greenest holiday of the year. Even better, no one will be allowed to pinch you.

5 Green dresses for St. Patrick's Day

Green dress #1Green Sweater Dress, $20

This green dress pairs great with leggings. Dress it up with a stylish belt and your favorite jacket for an evening look on a budget.

Green dress #2Green V-Neck Dress, $40

Your favorite pair of high heels or your most comfortable flats are a both great matches for this olive green dress found at Target.

Green dress #3Fountain of Youth Dress from Anthropologie, $128

This is a great dress for the spring season so don’t be surprised if you find yourself wearing it for numerous occasions. Pair it with a light sweater for a sylish office look post St. Patty’s Day.

Green dress #4Silk Habutai Dress by Tory Burch, $350

If your ready to splurge this Saint Patrick’s Day, this green gem of a dress is what you’ve been looking for. It will fulfill your St. Patty’s Day needs and then some!

Green dress #5Charming Green Dress from, $40

No need for jewelry, this dress comes with the accessory attached! Pair it with a cute pair of boots or heels and you’re ready for whatever might come you’re way this Saint Patrick’s Day.

Buying a dress

Buying a dress for St. Partick’s Day doesn’t have to mean you wear it once and then store it away until next year. Since holidays are great excuses to shop, buying a dress that can be worn multiple times is a great way to stay trendy and be festive at the same time!

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