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6 Must-have handbag essentials

What do you have in your purse? Unless you’re carrying a miniscule clutch, you should pack an arsenal of essentials in your handbag for life’s little emergencies. Check out our picks for beauty must-haves that should have a spot in every purse and handbag.

Purse essentials

Why stock beauty essentials?

  • Impromptu sleepovers (nice for the morning after)
  • Mid-day touchups
  • Post-work plans (when you don’t have time to go home first)
  • Spills, stains and other food-related mishaps
  • Post-gym refresher
  • Quick pick-me-ups (you’re having a bad day and you need to feel pretty)
  • Makeup meltdown fixes

6 items to keep in your bag

1Cleansing wipes

They’re great for dealing with messes such as spills and exploding pens — plus, they can fix makeup mishaps (smudged mascara) and cleanse your face after a workout.

2Hand cream

Depending on the season, your climate and the type of atmosphere in which you work, you never know when your hands will need an extra dose of moisture.

3Breath mints

For all the times you get called into a meeting directly after eating something containing garlic, breath mints are clutch. You never know who will be next to you in the elevator or across the boardroom table, so be prepared.

4Lip gloss

A fresh coat of gloss enhances your pout without making you look like you’re trying too hard.

5Oil-blotting papers

When your face gets shiny, don’t add another layer of powder. Instead, use oil-blotting papers. Relatively easy to find at drugstores, they fit in even the smallest purse and combat excess shine without disturbing makeup.

6Facial spray

This handy spritz helps refresh makeup, hydrates skin, wakes up a tired face and cools skin down on a hot day.

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There’s more to carrying a great handbag than the label or the awesome fashion statement you make (though we love these benefits too). There’s nothing wrong with maximizing the benefits of a great handbag by adding a few essential products inside, no matter how cliche they are. After all, every girl deserves a few go-to items inside her Marc Jabocs.

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