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How you can help Japan earthquake victims

The earthquake in Japan is resulting in serious destruction in the island nation. How can you help?

Ways to help Japan earthquake victims

Thursday’s earthquake and resulting tsunami are still causing major distruction in Japan and surrounding countries. People around the world are watching the damage in real time and are wondering how to help.

Luckily, many aid organization are quickly mobilizing their relief efforts to help those affected by the nature disasters. The good news in all of this? You can help these organizations with donations.

How can you donate? These are reputable organizations that are accepting donations.

Red Cross International is resurrecting their text campaign they first used during the Haiti earthquake. All you have to do is text REDCROSS 90999 to donate $10 to relief efforts. The donation will be tacked onto your cell phone bill – and every text counts.

Global Giving, Americares and Doctors Without Borders are also accepting donations for Japanese relief. Visit their websites for more information on how to donate money to help those in need.

Wary of donating money? It’s understandable – many organizations end up using more of donated money than they actually donate. That’s why it’s important to research the organizations before you donate. Charity Navigator is one place that lists in-depth information about charities and their worthiness.

Another note: Many people wish to donate supplies or food to those in need. However, money is a better option right now.

Are you donating to help Japanese earthquake relief?

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