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Save hair from winter abuse

Cold dry air plus icy temps are a recipe for hair disaster. By the end of the winter season hair is left looking ragged, lifeless, and in need of some serious TLC. Beat the elements and bounce back with our surefire secrets to correcting winter damage.


woman with curly hair


To soothe messy strands, start by hanging your head upside down and gently rubbing the roots. Next, grab a hold of hair, pulling it upwards, and mist lightly with hair spray. After the spray sets in, rake a comb down in one slick motion to gently tease. Glaze the ends with a serum to banish any static.


Too low humidity in the winter can cause hair to look lifeless and limp. Yuck. Use a body-boosting leave-in conditioner to plump up the volume. Just be sure to blast roots with a quick hit of heat from your blow dryer to activate. And be sure not to product overload. Too much bumble & bumble's Gentle Shampoo and Conditionerstyling gunk can be even worse. Stick to lightweight formulas or airy mousses.

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Skip dry shampoo this season – the formulas can zap shine and give hair a matte finish. Instead, stick with super moisturizing ones that help to seal in the cuticle. We love bumble & bumble’s Gentle Shampoo which is perfectly tailored for fragile hair. To seal the cuticle, crank the water in your shower to cold before you step out for 30 seconds.

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Unfortunatly, hair was not made to withstand every season. These tips will help you combat the wear and tear of the winter weather so you can restore ragged locks in no time. Remember, pump up the volume and restore your shine!

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