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Transform frizz into fabulous hair


Whether you want to go big and bouncy or messy and tousled, texture has never been more in. But add too many tools or too much tampering and you risk winding up with a frizzy mess. Just ask anyone who’s ever attempted to wield a round brush through dry curls. We’ve pulled together styling secrets to work with your natural texture for gorgeous, big hair.

Woman with frizzy hair

Get rid of frizz with these top tips:


  • Start by concentrating volumizer at the roots and the crown. The key here is to use the most where you need the lift.
  • Flip your head upside down and blow until hair is nearly dry.
  • Take random sections of hair, pulling each one taut with a round brush. Finish by slowly running your dryer over to smooth.
  • Working on two-inch sections at a time, start teasing at the crown. Cover your work with an unteased section. Finish by misting with hair spray.

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    • Ouidad Shine Glaze SerumFor curly haired women, the trick to fighting frizz is remembering to keep hands off until hair is dry.
    • “Keep hair healthy!” says curl expert Ouidad. “I recommend using a deep conditioning treatment on your hair every two weeks to feed your hair and keep it strong, shiny and healthy.”
    • Avoid heavy lotions in favor of a curl specific product. Apply Ouidad Shine Glaze Serum to your palms and run your hands all over the set hair.
    • Hydrated hair is the foundation and lifeline for curls. Let your curls dry naturally, with no heating tools. The less you handle or play with your hair, the better off you are — don’t run fingers through it or touch it too much.

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    How to get the hair of your dreams


    These tips will help you avoid adding to your frizz factor by tampering with your hair too much. Our style secrets and product insiders will help you keep your natural texture and make your hair look gorgeous even on its frizziest days!

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