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Secets to silky hair


Softness is just like shine — it’s all linked to hydration. Got a head full of ragged, rough cuticles? Suffering from breakage and split ends? For a fast fix, target your trouble and repair your hair using our guide below:

Woman with silky shiny hair

Get rid of hair breakage and split ends with these tips. Strong, healthy, silky hair is just a few steps away!


Pantene Heat Protection spray

Between blow drying and styling (flatiron, curling iron), it’s no wonder your hair’s looking a bit fried. These tools are all guilty of causing split ends. To remedy, make sure to prep and protect your hair with a leave-in conditioner or thermal-protectant spray.

Products to try:


Are you a hair twirler or a compulsive over brusher? You could be damaging your hair and thinning strands with these bad habits. Rely on a great leave-in conditioner to create a barrier, softening strands and reducing friction.

Try these treatments:


Oscar Blandi Alla Crema Conditioner for Color Treated Hair

You don’t have to be regularly bleaching your hair to see negative results from professional salon treatments. Coloring and relaxing both strip hair of its protective F-layer coating, leaving your locks less than touchable. Look for products designed for color-treated strands to deposit an F-layer substitute.

Top products for color-treated hair:

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