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How to get shiny hair


Want shinier, glossier hair? Who doesn’t? No matter your hair texture or type, it’s easy to get glossy locks. Just follow our hair commandments below and you’ll be on your way to shampoo commercial-shiny strands.

Women with shiny hair

How to get super shiny hair

bumble and bumble shine sprayDO blast your locks with a burst of ice cold water before jumping out of the shower.

DON’T forget to try a deep conditioning mask once a week in the shower or bath.

DON’T ram a comb through wet hair. Instead, untangle your hair with a wide tooth comb post shower.

DO use a glimmer shine spray on dry hair. Keep one, like bumble and bumble’s Bb Shine by the door and mist your mane as you’re racing out the door.

DON’T bulk up hair with loads of styling products. It’ll look dull and weigh down your hair.

DON’T apply shine serum or spray too close to your roots. It’ll make hair look greasy instead of glossy.

DO blast hair with a burst of cold air after blow drying to lock in shine.

DO use a clarifying shampoo, like Aussie Citrifier Shampoo.



Shiny hair tip

SheKnows Beauty columnist Kori Ellis also recommends avoiding alcohol-based products when trying to achieve shinier hair. “Alcohol-based hair products dry out your hair. If you need a shine boost, use a silicone-based shine serum or spray. It will seal the hair’s cuticle, reduce heat damage and improve shine. Don’t use serums daily, however, because of the build-up,” she says.



How to get the hair of your dreams

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