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Best products for sexy hair


Long live bouncy, pretty, big hair. Not to be confused with heavily hair sprayed locks, this look epitomizes sexy, effortless cool. Think lingerie model, romance novel heroine, high school cheerleader – cascading locks of lusciousness that swing, bounce, and smell fantastic to boot. There’s no better time to score sexy hair than in the spring.

Weapons of mass seduction

Arm yourself with these hair-perfecting weapons of mass seduction!

Top 4 products for sexy hair

Sexy hair product #1Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Pure Treatment Oil, $24
Squeeze a couple drops of this nourishing oil into palms and rub over the ends of hair as if you’re applying lotion. It strengthens, adds shine, nourishes, and smells fantastic to boot.

Sexy hair product #2Aveeno Active Naturals Nourish and Shine shampoo, $6
If you’re craving super silky strands, check out this ultra creamy formula from Aveeno. It works to repair damage and leaves your hair feeling completely touchably smooth.

Sexy hair product #3Kevin Murphy Born.Again.Masque, $42
Hair masques are a great way to restore moisture and leave locks revitalized and this botanical-based one from Kevin Murphy is no exception. Generously slather it on locks, leave on while you’re soaking in the tub.

Sexy hair product #4Victoria’s Secret So Sexy Style Body and Hold Moisturizing Mousse, $14
Great body and Victoria’s Secret go hand in hand – even when your hair is involved. Stylists rely on this volume-boosting product to give the models enviable, touchable, tousled waves.

SheKnows Beauty Expert Nina Sutton recommends pumping up your hair’s volume for a super sexy look. “Bigger is better for bombshell hair,” she says. “Try a volumizing spray and wrap your hair in hot rollers while you work on your makeup. After you finish your makeup, remove the curlers from your hair and tousle your hair to create big, voluminous, un-perfect curlers. Spray generously with hair spray to hold the look.”

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How to get the hair of your dreams


Spring cleaning isn’t just for Clorox and Lysol. Take this time of the year to spring clean your look and revamp you hair. These top products will help you achieve beautiful, sexy hair from the comfort of your own home.


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