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How to master the beach wave


We question anyone who’s watched Splash and NOT come down with a chronic case of mermaid hair envy. Tousled, yet touchable, the texture-heavy look is the ultimate summer accessory and it’s not just for the aquatically-enhanced.

Beach wave hairstyle

Remember, don’t strive for perfection. This is a laid-back, California girl cool look, not your wedding updo. The goal is to make it really appear as though you spent the afternoon frolicking around on the shore. Here’s a quick how-to for getting the perfect beach wave hairstyle!

Sedu Sea Salt Texturizing SprayHow to get the beach wave

If you have straight hair:

To get hair to go into more a wave versus a curl, twist sections around your curling iron and tug on the end of each curl as it’s cooking. Once you finish with all sections, turn your head upside down and fluff up the curls. Mess it up. Now, mist all over with a body building sea spray like Sedu Sea Salt Texturizing Spray.

If you have curly hair:

Blow out your hair. Instead of adding a shine spray, spritz all over with a saltwater spray or a bit of water to very slightly bring out the natural curl. Twist a few sections around your finger to bring out a few defined curls. Another alternative is to braid your hair in milk maid braids while applying your make-up. Take out the braids and allow hair to dry into loose, crimped waves.

How to get the hair of your dreams

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