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5 Hair tricks to try


Want to make a little change without heading into the salon? We’ve compiled a work week’s worth of fun, flirty hair tricks to try to add a little oomph into your coif.

Woman with nice hair

Easy hairstyle: braidsBaby braid it

Make a pretty plait in the front and tuck or pin it behind your ear. You can also braid on the side and pull over your hair to make a “braid headband”.

Easy hairstyleHair tip: Try a side swoop with a barrete

Rock a Headscarf

Scour vintage shops or show off your favorite designer finds with this look. Pull hair into an updo and wrap a pretty scarf around the base. Tie in a girlish bow or leave the ends loose for a more bohemian look.

Easy hairstyle: Use a barretteSide Swoop Barrette

If you have a special barrette, this is a great way to show it off. Part hair in the side and swoop bangs over the front. Pin the barrette on the side to hold the locks in place.

Easy hairstyle: messy bunFace Framed

For a glamorous addition to the messy bun, pull out some face framing pieces. Use a curling iron to add an elegant touch to the stray strands.

Easy hairstyle: half up and half downHalf and Half

This ’60s look still looks fresh. Tease the crown and swoop up the top layer of hair. Fasten with a large bobby pin, barrette, or hair tie and spritz with hairspray to give the coif staying power.


Quick tip: Add a headbandBONUS: Add a gorgeous headband – We love the beautiful designs from Love Berman. From a crystal-laden stretch headpiece to a pearl studded headdress every piece from this collection will add a lot of luster to your locks.


Trick anyone into thinking your quick, easy hairstyle took hours of preparing!

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