Vibrant hair color: How to pull it off

Bright hair is back this season, and it’s taking the style scene by storm.

Celebrities with bright vibrant hair color

Go bold

According to colorist Guillaume Choquet at Washington D.C.’s O Salon we’ll be seeing a return to bright hair color this season. “Very light blonde platinum and tone on tone color will be making a comeback,” says Choquet. Check out Lady Gaga’s two-toned long ponytail hairstyle in the photo below.

For those looking to rock a more shocking hue, red hair has never been hotter. Bold ginger locks are the standout signature of It women like rocker Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine and Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks.

Lady Gaga rocking a vibrant two-toned ponytail hairstyleChanging color

Contemplating a serious color change? Here are four tips to remember before you dye

bright hair color tip 1

Ease into it. Instead of bleaching your brunette locks, start with a few highlights or light caramel pieces to slowly transition into your new look.

Vibrant hair color tip 2

Stock up on color friendly products

Vibrant hair color tip 3

Consider upkeep. Before switching up your shade, you need to consider how it fits into your lifestyle. Not sure you can commit to regular salon appointments? Try ombre hair color.

bright hair color tip 4

Bring in a picture but don’t get too attached. Just because you love Isla Fischer’s strawberry blonde shade doesn’t mean it will realistically work for you. Listen to your colorist.

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