How to get ombre hair

Ombre hair is a term used to describe hair with a graduation of color, with the darkest color fading from the roots down. You’ve seen the look on everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Rachel Bilson and because the look celebrates dark roots, upkeep couldn’t be easier.

Ombre hair

How to make ombre hair color work for you

“Ombre, which has been extremely trendy the last few years, is a term coined only recently. Just about any experienced colorist will attest, it has been commonly done for many years,” says Vanessa Spaeth, a color specialist at the Andy Lecompte Salon in West Hollywood.

Here are tips on how to make the look work for you:

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“I’d like to see the ‘fade’ brought up a bit, rather than it be just tips,” says Spaeth. “I prefer somewhere between highlights, and tips otherwise, it tends to become too obvious.”

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Decide how severe you want to go. The look ranges from subtle and natural to very edgy and dramatic.

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Ask your colorist for lots of sun-kissed highlights, concentrating on the ends, and no higher than your chin in most places. A few subtle pieces colored only a shade or two lighter than your natural color can be added to frame the face.

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To maintain, try a color safe shampoo and conditioner.


Trying ombre hair

If you’re on the fence about giving ombre hair a try for yourself, check out our 4 reasons to try ombre hair.

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