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How to look effortlessly gorgeous

We all know those women who manage to look fabulous seemingly without effort. They look great whether they’re at the grocery store, out for brunch or picking their kids up from school. How do they do it? It’s not as hard as you might think. We’ve put together some tips to look gorgeous without looking like you’ve fussed.

Woman applying blush

1Nude, glossy lips

Forget lipstick. Focus instead on subtle sheen. If clear gloss isn’t enough for you, opt for something with a hint of pink or peachy tint.

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2Bright eyes

People who look great always appear awake and alert while the rest of us are fumbling around for our third cups of coffee. Fake a full night’s sleep with a brightening concealer, which hides dark circles and brightens the skin around the eye. You’ll look more awake and ready for anything.

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3Glowing skin

Exfoliate regularly (at least once a week), make sure to moisturize, and then use a sheer, water- based foundation or tinted moisturizer to even out skin tone and give it a healthy glow.

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4Natural-looking flush

Your goal is to look like you’ve just come back from a brisk walk or a cardio session at the gym. A cream blush or tint formulation allows you to layer blush until you get the desired natural-looking effect.

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5Messy-chic hair

If your hair is long-ish with not much natural movement, go for relaxed, beachy waves. Spray a texturizing product onto damp hair to maximize natural waves. If you have straight hair, pull most of it back into a loose ponytail, leaving some strands to frame your face loosely.

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Looking beautiful is about taking care of your skin. If you fuss around with too much makeup and color your going to skip right past effortless beauty straight to “Look at me, I’m trying too hard.” Exfoliating regularly and taking these simple beauty tips will keep you looking effortless and much more like your gorgeous self.

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