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Beauty tips: Look your best — even when you don’t feel it


Overall health is underrated where beauty is concerned. If you are healthy (eating right, getting enough sleep, drinking water and keeping stress at bay), you shouldn’t need very much makeup. But if you haven’t exactly been a pillar of good health lately, here are a few tips for faking it when you don’t feel great.

Beauty tips for your face


Naturally clear, glowing skin is usually a pretty good indicator of overall health, which means if you’re tired, stressed and living on fried food, the results will show up in your skin. To look as healthy as possible, remember to do the following.

Beauty tips for your faceCleanse before bed.

One of the most important rules of good skin care is to wash your face before bed so you don’t end up sleeping with a face full of makeup. Skip this step, and you could end up with clogged pores, blemishes and skin irritation.

Beauty tips for your faceUse an exfoliating mask.

Exfoliating sloughs away dead, dull skin. A mask is a gentler option than a facial scrub, which can irritate sensitive skin. If used once a week, an exfoliating mask can help your skin look brighter, smoother and healthier, despite your recent string of all-nighters.

Beauty tips for your faceMoisturize.

No matter your skin type (even oily and acne prone), there’s a moisturizer for you. If you want skin to look its best, hydrate it in the morning and at night, especially if you live in a dry or cold climate. Boost skin softness even further by applying a serum under your moisturizer at night. Serums contain a higher concentration of skin-boosting ingredients, making them a boon to tired complexions.

Beauty tips for your hair


Healthy hair is shiny, glossy and lustrous. If yours is looking more lackluster than lovely lately, try these tips.

Beauty tips for your hairGet a trim.

If you’ve let your hair go too long without getting a trim, split ends will become obvious and your hair won’t look as healthy. Aim to get a trim every six to eight weeks to keep tresses looking top notch.

Beauty tips for your hairUse a conditioning treatment.

If your hair is dryer than usual and just not looking as shiny as you’d like, try a deep conditioning treatment to add a surge of moisture.

Beauty tips for your hairTake a break from heat styling.

Styling regularly with heat can dry hair out, causing damage and breakage. If you can, take a break from blow drying and straightening. Aim for one day every week of no heat styling, and air dry instead.

Beauty tips for makeup and skincare

Makeup & Skincare

If all else fails and you need to look healthy fast (for a meeting, a big date or brunch with your parents), the right makeup can enhance your skin tone and leave you looking fresh — even if you’re dealing with stress and sleep deprivation.

Beauty tips for makeup and skincareConceal.

Whether you have blemishes, puffy eyes, dark circles or all three, the key to looking great even when you feel less-than-ideal is to hide imperfections. Concealer where you need it and some translucent powder look better than a layers of foundation, despite what you might think. You’ll just end up looking even more tired if you overuse product.

Beauty tips for makeup and skincareUse a self-tanner.

A bit of a faux glow is a great way to look rested and healthy even when you feel tired and stressed out. Options include bronzing powders, cream formulas and moisturizers that contain a hint of self-tanner to give you a slight glow over time.

Beauty tips for makeup and skincareLighten up.

Brighten up your tired-looking skin with luminizing products, including foundation, powder and concealer. Highlighting products can’t replace a full night’s rest, but they can at least help you fake it.

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Beauty tips for looking your best


The best beauty tips involve a little tender, love and care. But let’s face it, sometimes were just too busy to make sure were eating right and managing our stress like champs. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you realize your water intake is sparse and your healthy meals aren’t so healthy anymore. Luckily, these are fairly easy habits to create. In the meantime tape these tips on your bathroom mirror. They will help you look good even when you don’t feel it.

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