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Valerie Mayen: SheKnows Fashion Expert

Meet SheKnows fashion expert Valerie Mayen.

Meet Valerie Mayen

Valerie Mayen is like any other fashion-forward girl; she’s cute, she’s spunky, and oh… she was a top contender on Project Runway, Season 8! Her vintage yet cutting edge style and passion for fashion made Valerie an audience favorite. Project Runway lovers everywhere rooted for Valerie and her funky designs to take New York Fashion week by storm! Alast, Valerie was sent packing back to Cleveland, Ohio, but her designer career didn’t end there.

Mayen fashion

Though most of us may only know the Mayen name from Project Runway, Valerie has been impacting the fashion world since 2009 with Yellowcake Shop. Thanks to a hard working sewing machine and devoted Mayen fans, Yellowcake designs are now “must-have’ staples in any fashion-forward closet. From retro jackets to one-of-a-kind accessories, Yellowcake can be summed up in just a few words, “sweet design with classic style.”

As if Valerie isn’t busy enough working away with her drawing pads and needles, she is now one of our elite SheKnows Experts. Valerie brings a new perspective to the SK family, and we’re excited to be inspired by her keen eye for style and unique creativity.

Fun facts about Valerie:

  • Born in Texas
  • Guatemalan heritage
  • Loves art & sewing
  • Huge David Bowie fan
  • Favorite fruit is mango
  • Mascot of Yellowcake Shop is a Bitty Betty Ninja
  • 5% of the profits from Yellowcake sales go to different non-profit organizations each month

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