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Lady Gaga rocks an edgy bun

Everyone’s favorite Mamma Monster (aka Lady Gaga) arrived in Toronto Thursday and immediately started posing for the cameras in yet another funky outfit.

Gaga gear: purple tights and a two toned bun

Lady Gaga, always one to wear, how do we put this, inventive outfits, did not disappoint her throngs of devotees Thursday in Toronto when she was photographed in this wild outfit and hairstyle. For her, it was just another day at the office…

…an office wear people don’t wear pants. Ever.

Lady Gaga with black bangs and a hugh bun hairstyle

The pop diva braved cold temps and went sans winter coat to show off her get-up which consisted of purple see-through tights over black panties, a sloppy black tank top with no bra in sight, purple opera gloves and black boots with the funkiest heels we’ve ever seen.

Where’s a meat dress when you need one?

Lady Gaga topped off her wacky outfit with a messy black and blonde two-toned bun.

Lady Gaga rocking a two-toned bun hairstyle

Ahh, Lady Gaga, you never disappoint.

These photos were taken at what appears to be a totally impromptu shoot. If this wasn’t family blog we’d post the one with her giving the photographer the middle finger. You can visit Gawker for that photo of Lady Gaga if you feel so inclined.

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with this boobie shot image of Lady Gaga getting off the plane:

Lady Gaga with two-toned bangs getting off the plane

What do you think she wears on laundry day?

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