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Stylish wedding gifts

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year for couples to get engaged, so odds are there’s a new bride- and groom-to-be in your circle of family or friends. Also, don’t forget that wedding season is just around the corner — once the weather warms, bridal showers and spring weddings will abound! Whether you need to find the perfect gift for an engagement party, a bridal shower or for the big day itself, here are a few great ideas.

Making a house a home

Klein Reid satin-glazed white vases

Whether it’s a couple who’s just starting their first household, or a bride and groom who are just starting their life together, I always love to give a gift that will help make their new house a home. A unique vase, or a series of small ones, can warm up a home and inspire your couple to keep fresh flowers in their most lived-in room. There’s nothing like fresh flowers to help a room that is not yet finished feel more beautiful and complete.

I love “the hunt” — shopping at flea markets, second-hand shops and any place off the beaten path. I encourage you to find your creative side and explore these types of haunts to find special gifts for your couples. However, the hunt doesn’t limit us to only older items, it can encompass finding just the right new piece, too. I found these fabulous Klein Reid satin-glazed white vases. They are beautiful, unique and each one stands on its own for a great gift that will be remembered — and used! This series of small vases also hits the mark, with the flexibility to use them in different ways in many locations.

For the Starbucks addicts — and beyond

espresso set

Every career-driven busy couple needs their caffeine from time to time, and this espresso set made from bamboo and porcelain offers a sleek, sophisticated design. Whether they need their coffee fix each morning, or as an after-dinner treat, this gift does it in high style. The cups, on their individual bamboo trays, can also be used to serve appetizers, sauces or desserts, making it an ultra-practical gift.

For the city-dwellers

Your urban couple most likely has a small kitchen and limited storage space. For them, this French carafe is a fun and useful gift. The glasses stack right inside the carafe, making it easy to store while looking great. I can even see it used next to a bedside table, so you can stylishly avoid the walk to the kitchen at night.

For all love birds

Wedding Gift: Photo

A piece of artwork can mark the event in a memorable way, and finding interesting yet affordable art is easier than ever. You can “think out of the box” and have a lot of fun searching for just the right print, photograph or painting.

Try websites like 20 x 200 or Etsy. I found this adorable photograph on Etsy that can be placed in a decorative frame and help create a brand-new “Home Sweet Home” for your couple’s new life together. You can also find something more thematic or humorous, or a piece that just “feels right” for your newlyweds.

?Wedding gift etiquette?

?How to observe proper wedding gift etiquette?

There are a lot of outdated rules and outright myths about wedding presents. Follow these tips to set the record straight.

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