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Zen out your cube: Feng shui at work

Cubicle living isn’t always easy. If you are lucky enough to work at home, creating a home office that is comfortable and conducive to working can be easily tackled. Just take a look at my article on home office design. However, we don’t all have that luxury. Working with a cubicle or pre-designed office space is a bit trickier than designing a home office, but it is equally important to create a space that makes you feel good, attracts positive energy and keeps your stress levels down.

Zen office

Poor lighting, cramped desk spaces, and sterile surroundings often make work environments depressing, but feng shui can help! Here are some simple guidelines on how to zen out your cozy cubicle.

Arrange your space

It’s always best if you position your furnishings so that you face the entrance to the room. If you have the flexibility, position your computer so that your back isn’t facing the entrance of the cubicle. This arrangement will allow for good energy (chi) to flow through the space, and you’ll feel more at ease knowing that someone can’t sneak up on you. If this isn’t possible, place a mirror next to your computer screen or against the wall in front of you.


The lighting in most offices is usually not ideal. Supplemental lighting by way of a desk lamp can be very helpful to your eyesight, mood and energy level. Place an overhead desk lamp by your computer screen, or a table lamp in the other corner. This is especially helpful if your cubicle isn’t near natural light. Make sure you use full-spectrum light bulbs to maximize the positive effect.

Plants and fountains

Bring living and flowing energy into your workspace with live plants. Add an odd number of living plants to your cubicle to rouse vibrant energy. I suggest one of my personal favorites, orchids. They don’t take up much space and are beautiful to look at. An alternative to keeping the positive energy flowing is to place a small water fountain at the entrance of your cubicle or office.

If you don’t have the option of placing living plants or a fountain in your workspace (or you just want to load up on as much positive energy as possible), decorate the walls of your space with framed photos of landscapes, especially landscapes that include flowing water. These photographs create a calming and peaceful environment, helping you cope with those particularly stressful days.

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Clear the clutter

I can’t say this enough: Make sure the energy in your office isn’t stuck or stagnant, and clear the clutter! Throw out old files — everything is digital these days, anyway! Bring in your own cleaning supplies (eco-conscious ones, of course) and make sure that your desktop and shelves are always neat and dust-free. As a rule, keep only things on your workspace that you use regularly. If you have a spare set of scissors or stapler that you never use, put those things away in the supply closet.

It’s my experience that an inspired workspace leads to inspired work! Never under estimate the effect that your surroundings can have on your state of mind, work ethic and attitude.

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