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Steve Jobs unveils the iPad 2

Steve Jobs made the much-anticipated iPad 2 announcement Wednesday morning in San Francisco. What will the new version of the popular device include?

Steve JObs make the iPad 2 announcement

Steve Jobs came out of his self-imposed leave of absence to make the iPad 2 announcement Wednesday morning.

Jobs introduced the newer, thinner version of the extremely popular iPad.

“So what’s new?” Jobs asked to the applauding audience. “It’s an all-new design.”

iPad 2: All the details

Jobs said the iPad 2 will go on sale on March 11 and have new features missing from the first version of the iPad.

Among the new specifications?

  • Thinner design — down to 1.3 lbs from the previous 1.5 lbs.
  • Front and rear-facing cameras for chatting.
  • Available in both white and black.
  • Will connect to televisions and other multimedia devices with a HDMI device.

“Teachers want to hook iPads up to their flatscreens in the classrooms,” Jobs said. “And you can even charge the iPad while you’re using it.”

What else?

It’ll have a gyroscope, just like the iPhone, for enhanced game-playing capabilities. It’ll also include Apple’s new operating systems — iOS 4.3 — also set to debut on March 11. Jobs said it’ll allow iPhone 4 users to create mobile hotspots for their Apple devices.

Jobs also commented on the price structure during the iPad 2 announcement — it’ll stay the same as the current iPad.

Jobs looked a bit thinner than usual — adding to the speculation about his health. But, Jobs said, he wouldn’t miss the iPad 2 announcement.

“We’ve been working on this project for a while and I didn’t want to miss this,” he said.

Will you get the iPad 2 or stick with the first iPad?

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