Nicole Kidman’s Oscar ponytail: Get this look

Face it: some celebrities’ Oscar hairdos are simply don’ts. While some sophisticated styles look amazing on the red carpet, they don’t always work that well for us normal people in the real world. Nicole Kidman’s stylish red carpet ponytail is one exception.

Nicole Kidman's Oscars ponytail hairstyle

Reign in Kidman’s Oscars ponytail

If you’ve ever wanted try a glamorous Oscars hairstyle, we’ve found one look from the 2011 Academy Awards that is sexy , yet versatile enough to at rock the red carpet and casually wear shopping to Target.

Nicole Kidman’s flirty ponytail was simple and polished, leaving the emphasis on her flawless face and unique neckpiece. And best of all, this ponytail hairstyle totally doable all by yourself at home (unlike some hair styles we saw at the Oscars).

Get this ponytail hairstyle:

Accoring to Hair on the Brain, here’s how Nicole’s stylist created her fashionable Oscar look:

David begins every red carpet look with clean hair followed by applying Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment.

He then sectioned off Nicole Kidman’s bang area and cut a fringe to frame her face.

Nicole Kidman's glamorous ponytail hairstyle

Next, David blow dried Nicole’s hair with the Itly Hairfashion Ionic Dryer and a large round brush. At the bang area, he gently bumped the ends under.

After the hair was dried, David applied an additional amount of Pequi Oil to create a smooth and shiny surface.

To begin the updo, he used his hands to sweep the hair into a ponytail creating a slight bump at the crown and securing with a band.

To finish the fringe, David added additional Pequi Oil to his fingers to define.

That seems easy enough, even if you don’t have you own celebrity hairstyles to do it for you!

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