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Top 4 timeless beauty trends

Like fashion, beauty has its fads and trends that come and go in what seems like the blink of an eye. But if you’d rather not be a slave to magazines and runways, here are a few timeless beauty trends to add to your makeup rotation.

Timeless beauty

1Smoky eyes

Though they may not go with every outfit you wear or event you attend, smoky eyes never seem to go out of style. They bring an element of drama to your look and instantly add sex appeal. Smoky eye makeup accentuates your eyes (always a good thing) and gives you a mysterious, edgy look even if you’re wearing something basic.

2Healthy flush

Looking like you’ve just come in from the outdoors (i.e., with a healthy, rosy complexion) is never a bad thing, and it’s always gorgeous. Fake the exercise-induced flush with a sheer, cream blush that gives you a natural, healthy-looking glow. A healthy flush looks good on anyone, making it a great option for women who tend to shy away from makeup.

3Red lips

You might not want to sport a sexy red pout on a day-to-day basis, but red lips are a timeless beauty trend to break out when you have somewhere special to go. Experiment a bit to find just the right shade; your skin tone might look great with a deep, ruby red or something with a more pinkish hue. Keep the rest of your makeup fairly neutral so the emphasis stays on your pretty pout, without other bold colors that would compete for attention.

4Clear, glowing skin

A natural-looking, luminous complexion never goes out of style. Go easy on the foundation (too much won’t look natural) and opt for something sheer that you can layer where you need to. Add a dusting of bronzer to further enhance your glow.

Beauty how-to

How to get the perfect red lips

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Tips on timeless trends are great bits to keep in mind for days when nothing in your closet, or your makeup bag, seems to be working. These four beauty trends will never let you down when all of your favorite fashion looks go out of style. Even better, they will help you accomplish effortless beauty on an everyday basis.

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