How to create a DIY spa experience at home

Not everyone has the time or money to go to the spa regularly, but that doesn’t mean you have let a lack of financial flexibility or jam-packed schedule keep you from a day of pampering. We’ve put together some tips for recreating the spa experience at home — so you get to de-stress and get gorgeous without spending a small fortune or leaving the house.

Woman in bubble bath

Create an at-home spa with these soothers

1At-home spa: Soak away stressSoak away stress.

The first thing to do on your at-home spa day is soak in a hot bath. Improve the stress-relieving benefits of your soak with some aromatic bath salts, or go the more playful route and fill the tub with bubbles. The point is to soak your cares (and aches and pains) away while listening to soft music — or just line the tub with scented candles, turn the lights off and let your mind wander.

2At-home spa: Scrub skin smoothScrub skin smooth.

Once you’ve soaked, it’s time to buff and polish your body. A salt scrub or a sponge/washcloth and shower gel will gently exfoliate your skin, leaving you soft and smooth from head to toe.

3Make time to moisturize.

You often may feel too rushed to apply

body lotion on a regular basis, but it’s an important body care step in ensuring skin hydration. Opt for something subtly scented to evoke the spa experience and make you smell fabulous.

4Focus on your face.

at-home spa: subtly scented body butter

While you’re getting your body gorgeous, don’t forget about your face. Cleanse and exfoliate, then choose a treatment mask targeted to your skin type. While you wait to rinse the mask off, sit back and relax (in the tub, if possible). Use this time to clear your mind of stress and tension. Follow up the mask with your moisturizer of choice.

At-home beauty recipes

Learn to make some beauty treatments yourself!

Host an at-home spa party

What better way to indulge in relaxation and pampering than with your closest girlfriends!

Hosting a spa party at home is a great way to get your friends together and either make some of the beauty treatments yourself as a group activity or indulge in some of the best goodies on the market. Ask everyone to bring one of their favorite beauty treatments, this way everyone has something new to try.

Learn more on throwing a spa party at home, get tasty spa food recipes and more! >>

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