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4 Tips for healthy, shiny hair


Great-looking, shiny, healthy hair has a glossy sheen that you can’t get out of a bottle. Many products can boost shine, but to ensure consistently glossy tresses, follow these simple tips.

Woman with shiny hair

1Shampoo less.

Washing too often strips hair of the natural oils that give it that glossy sheen. Aim to wash your hair every other day to help maintain hair’s natural shine. If you have oily or limp locks, this can be tough, so rather than skip a wash altogether, just lather up around the roots on every second wash. That way, roots are cleansed of dirt and oil that give hair that lank, limp look.

2Ease up on conditioner.

Applying conditioner all over your head isn’t necessary; it can weigh hair down, minimizing shine. Instead, apply to the ends and underneath your hair (versus on top), which can aid absorption. Always use less than you think you need — no more than the size of a quarter (less if you have short hair).

3Rinse well.

After you rinse your hair, rinse again to ensure all traces of shampoo and conditioner are washed out. Leftover product can leave a subtle film on your hair, minimizing potential for shine. Rinse hair with cold water, which closes the cuticle to leave a smooth surface with increased shine.

4Style sparingly.

Too many styling products weigh hair down and leave your locks looking dull. Choose one shine-enhancing product that also fights frizz to give your hair a glossy sheen. Don’t overdo it! Rub a small amount between your hands and apply to hair.

Quick tip to get healthy and shiny hair


REMEMBER: To snag shiny locks, less is more. Shiny hair is minimized when it’s shampooed too often or weighed down with too much conditioner or hair styling products!



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