Green technology: 3 St. Patrick’s Day-inspired green gadgets

Wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day is somewhat of an outdated concept. Instead of pointing to a chartreuse necklace or emerald-hued scarf if you’re about to get pinched, whip out one of these green tech gadgets instead to show your support for the Irish (and the earth) by going green in an eco-friendly way.

Green and clean energy water clockGreen tech gadgets

1Clean Energy Water Clock

This clean energy clock is green, both in St. Patrick’s Day color and in its eco-friendliness. The eco-clock is attached to two small pots that grow a plant or flower in each, and uses this energy from the water or the damp soil to run the clock mechanism.

2Voltaic Generator Solar-Energy Laptop BagVoltaic Generator Solar-Energy Laptop Bag

Tired of having to charge up your laptop every few hours when you’re on the go? It won’t be a problem anymore when more laptop manufactures jump on the solar-panel bandwagon and mass-produce more of these solar energy gems. The Solar-Energy Laptop Bag packs 15 watts of power and is made from eco-friendly recycled soda bottles.

3Thinksound Wooden Headphones

Thinksound Wooden Headphones

These green earphones are not only eco-friendly, they’re user-friendly. With a wooden earpiece, the headphones look trendy and also serve a greater purpose:  they minimize ambient sounds and the materials offer a crisper and clearer sound.

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