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Online gardening: 5 Must-see gardening websites

There are websites for any hobby or vocation, and gardening is no exception. Whether you’re in need of tips on becoming a successful green thumb, recipes for your new crop of garden vegetables or just general news and stories on gardening, here are five gardening websites that offer advice on all things horticultural and landscaping.

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1Success with Seed

Success with Seed is a great index website that gardeners can use to look up different seeds and get advice on how best to tend them. They also offer an extensive photo encyclopedia of plant families (more than 400) to help with plant identification and classification.

2Garden Humour

Instead of focusing on green-thumb tips, Garden Humour writer David Hobson offers up a daily crop of garden tales, short stories, contests, jokes and quizzes — and he still manages to throw in some advice here and there, like how to deal with bug problems, along with a growing digest of gardening news.

3Herb Expert

Herb Expert is a well-polished website that offers information on growing and cooking your own herbs. Filled with recipes, tips and great photos of the final crops, Herb Expert is a great website that gives tips and ideas for both green-thumb novices and skilled gardeners.

4Kids Gardening

Kids Gardening is a website with news and tips for gardening with kids. Along with the typical tips, they also offer classroom projects, grants, an events calendar and a gardening Q&A Library.

5Kitchen Gardeners

Kitchen Gardeners is a website dedicated to food self-reliance through community gardening. They offer gardening advice, recipes, community groups and forums, and even an e-store where users can purchase gardening books and magazines, kitchenware, and tools and equipment.

Gardening blog: Can you dig it

If you’re in search of a gardening blog with daily updates, be sure to check out our gardening blog Can You Dig It for top tips for successful gardening and growing your green thumb.

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