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3 High-tech fitness gadgets for spring

With a few good months passed since January 1, many of us are struggling to keep up with those healthy resolutions we promised ourselves in the new year. If history teaches us anything, many of us won’t reach those health and exercise goals. So it makes sense to regroup for spring and employ any means necessary to get ourselves back on the healthy living track. The following three high-tech fitness gadgets are designed not to entertain or make our lives easier, but to help us reach our personal exercise and fitness goals.

1BodyMedia FIT Armband BWBodyMedia FIT Armband

The BodyMedia FIT Armband is a fun technology that collects health data, like calories burned and sleep duration, then wirelessly transmits the information to a computer or smartphone, allowing you to monitor health and physical activity on the go. Price: Starts at $259

2iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring System

iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring System

The iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring System is an excellent system for quickly and cost-effectively monitoring your heart rate and blood pressure. It comes equipped for immediate use with an iPhone dock and an arm cuff that allows you to monitor your heart from any location. In conjunction with an app from iHealth, this system runs reports, creates graphs and sends data to your doctor to make sure that your heart health is always being monitored and looked after. Price: $100

3Nike + Sport Watch GPNike + Sport Watch GPs

A watch that integrates health monitoring and GPS seems like a natural progression in time piece technology – especially for runners who like to take things off-road. The new Nike+ sports watch integrates TomTom navigational technology, offers run reminders and pulls data from your runs (pace and distance) to help you keep track of your exercise. Debuts July 2011.

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