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4 Simple ways to look sexier

Looking sexy may seem like complicated business, especially if you’re used to business suits or jeans and T-shirts, but it’s easier than you think. Remember these easy tricks when you want to take your look from basic to bombshell.

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Sex up your look with these simple tips:

1Play up your curves.

Nothing’s sexier than curves, so if you’ve got them, flaunt them. If you don’t, fake it. Get yourself a good push-up bra (it’s worth the splurge) and show off your new assets in a curve-hugging top. Draw attention to your other curves in skinny jeans or a hip-hugging pencil skirt.

2Add some height.

Heels are always sexy, so bust out your best pair. If you have short legs, avoid over-the-knee boots and wedge heels; instead, opt for a thinner heel and boots no higher than mid-shin. If you’re average to tall height, you have more options; just pair your next outfit with the heels you prefer to sex up your look.

3Think bold & bright.

Women who know how to look sexy typically embrace color. Whether you carry a purse in an eye-popping shade or pair a little black dress with heels in an electric hue, adding color can take your look from sensible to sexy in seconds.

4Focus on lips & eyes.

When you’re putting on your makeup and you want to look sexy, think sultry, smoky eyes, long, thick lashes and bright lips.. Use a plumping product to make lips voluptuous and add gloss to accentuate them.

Confidence is also sexy!

As a bonus tip: Confidence is sexy, so don’t forget to be proud of who you are and how you look. Here are a few extra tips on enhancing your confidence! >>

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