How to choose the right foundation

The wrong foundation can ruin your entire look; likewise, foundation that matches your skin tone and suits your skin type can make your look flawless (which is the ultimate goal). We’ve put together some tips to help you make the right foundation choice.

Woman applying powder foundation makeup

How to choose the right foundation:

Find the right foundation for your skin type.

Think about skin type.

Foundation comes in several varieties, including stick, powder and liquid, as well as oil-free, water-based and cream-to-powder formulations. Your skin type should call the choice:

  • Dry skin: Choose a creamy formula that moisturizes and goes on smooth despite your skin’s dryness. Choose a stick or moisturizing liquid.
  • Oily skin: You need an oil-free product to avoid clogging pores. Opt for a water-based, oil-free liquid or powder that helps absorb excess oil and keeps shine at bay.
  • Combination skin: Use an oil-free formula all over and touch up dry areas with a stick, or use a cream-to-power foundation to deal with both oily and dry areas at the same time.

Choose the right finish for your foundation makeupChoose the right finish.

The three main finishes are matte, semi-matte and luminizing. Semi-matte is the most natural and general purpose of the three and looks good on almost everyone. Matte foundation absorbs oil, giving skin a shine-free, almost powdery appearance. Luminizing foundation helps brighten skin on days you feel tired or look pale. These often contain light-reflecting particles to give your skin a luminous look.

Consult a beauty expert about your foundation optionsGet professional guidance.

If you’re unsure about shade and have chosen the wrong ones in the past, skip the drugstore this time around and head to the beauty counter. You will probably have to spend a bit more, but a makeup professional can match you with the right shade the first time around. The next time you buy foundation, use the expensive brand as a guide for choosing a more affordable drugstore product.

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