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4 Ways to look thinner


Looking thinner usually means losing a few pounds through good old-fashioned diet and exercise — but in the meantime, you can create the illusion of thinness with a few simple tricks. Check out our tips for looking longer and leaner without losing a pound.

Young, thin woman putting on necklace

How to appear thinner

Look thinner with better posturePractice better posture.

Slouching makes even a flat stomach look like it’s not. You don’t have to look like a drill sergeant, but do stand straight with your shoulders back. That elongates your form, minimizing the appearance of excess weight.

Look thinner by adding heightAdd height.

You don’t have to invest in sky-high heels, but shoes and boots with a slight heel add a couple inches of height — and the taller you appear, the thinner you’ll seem.

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Look thinner by drawing the eye upDraw the eye up.

If you’d rather people not focus on your thighs or waist, dress and accessorize to draw the eye up. Wear tops with interesting necklines (V-shaped, sweetheart etc.) and choose patterns that emphasize everything above the waist. Accessorize with dangling earrings and colorful necklaces that draw attention to your pretty face.

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Look taller by finding the right fit for your clothingFind the right fit.

You may think that a baggy dress or shirt helps hide a few extra pounds, but you’re better off wearing something that fits you properly if you don’t want to appear bigger than you are. Clothes that are too big actually make you look larger because no one can see what’s underneath. You end up looking shapeless, rather than endowed with sexy curves. So dress to your size and don’t hide your shape.


As a bonus tip, look thinner by finding a slimming hairstyle.
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