Top 5 worst Oscar hairstyles

Hey, everyone has the right to have a bad hair day. But when that day falls on Oscar Sunday and you’re a Hollywood starlet with a team of stylists working overtime to help you the rock red carpet, there’s just no excuse.

Check out the top 5 hairstyle don’ts of the red carpet:

5. Scarlett Johansson, 2005

Scar Jo hair

The normally drop dead gorgeous Scarlett Johansson looked a little too Jane Austen austere with this vintage (to put it nicely), hairstyle. The frizzy, unkempt curls and a weird rhinestone headband are strange enough, then she turns around and you see this attack of bobby pins trying to hold her hair together. Better walk backwards up the red carpet this year if you pull that again, ScarJo.

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4. Lisa Rinna, 2009

Lisa Rinna

The failed attempt at trying to make her lips look smaller by plumping up her hair did not work for Lisa Rinna in 2009. The possible result of sticking her finger in the light socket — but she probably paid a stylist $1,000 bucks to do it for her.

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3. Sarah Jessica Parker, 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker

From the neck down, she’s gorgeous. But from the neck up it looks like someone stuck a giant Cinnabon atop her noggin. Tight buns were all rage last year, but Sarah Jessica Parker (a) looks like her skin is getting pulled right off of her head (cheap facelift, maybe?) and (b) the bun is off center and there’s frizz happening everywhere.

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2. Bai Ling, 2009

This kooky broad always makes a statement (usually a bad one) on the red carpet. This hairstyle was no exception. The weird cut, less than flattering color and of course, those bangs. Did her stylist blindfold herself before going to town? She’s a pretty girl, but she just continues to supply the world with endless bad hair days.

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1. Jennifer Lopez, 2002

Jennifer Lopez

A cross between cupcake and a ’50s prom queen, this over-the-top bouffant is all sorts of wrong. JLo must have been trying to even out her proportions by making something big on top for once. Stick to sleek and sexy, girl, not Jenny from the Rock Around the Clock era.

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