Weird celebrity winter hats

Normal people usually dress for comfort and warmth. We know that celebs are far from normal (that’s why we love them so much). But some looks, like these winter hats, just fail to impress.

Cold weather hats that missed the mark:

Someone needs to fire their stylists, or at least stay out of the children’s section of the department store when looking for head warmers.

Celebs, normally so put together, seem to fall apart at the first sign of frost. Living in LA can do that to a person. Check out these weird winter hat trends that seemed to catch on quicker than a cold this year.

Wild Animals

Snoop Dogg pretending to be an aminal

Rhianna, Snoop Dogg and Chloe Kardashian can be their own best friends with these silly hats.

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I’m this many!

Paris Hilton and Katy Perry white hat

Not that Paris Hilton or Katy Perry act their age any way (and not that we’d want them too — what’s the fun in that?!), but these white caps with a weird bunny-meets-panda-meets-preschool just don’t make the grade.

Fur, it’s cold in here

celebrity fur hats

Living in Los Angeles, where the average winter temperature is about 60 degrees, does not warrant Paul Bunyon-sized head warmer like this. Also, isn’t Kim Kardashian, like all about PETA? I’d expect nothing less than unecessary accesories from Rhianna and Ke$ha, either.

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