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Tips for the stylish indoor gardener

Robin Baron

Spring is right around the corner and it’s a great time to think about how you’ll welcome in the new season. One of the best ways to prepare your home for Spring is to bring in fresh, living plants. Your home will reflect what’s soon to come outside your door, and the thriving plants will bring a new energy to your living space.

helpful tips to give you a head start:herb trio pot

Indoor herb garden

Try an herb garden. Herbs are the plants that keep on giving — they bring us the beauty of nature and you can use the fresh herbs to liven up your cooking! Place an herb garden on any windowsill. If you are concerned about keeping your herbs fresh and alive, try this Trio Herb Pot. The planter owns a sleek, Scandinavian design and makes growing herbs easy for those lacking a green thumb!


Using small terracotta pots that you paint yourself can also look great; personalize the pots to match the color scheme of your kitchen. I like topping off pots with these write-erase paint tags. Use a gel ball-point pen to mark what is growing in each pot. The best part is that you can use the tags season after season!

Chic planters

Haute Culture Mini Garden

For a chic look straight out of the magazines, this Haute Culture Chloropylle Mini Garden (designed in Paris, bien sur!) is just the thing. This set has everything you need to grow…and show off… your boxed grass, including the modern, vibrant color boxes.

I also love the square design of these Quadro planters. They have a glossy white finish that gives them a contemporary look and makes the color of the plant pop. If you have a room that needs even more gloss, these metallic planters are fabulous and come in gold or silver, and these colorful hanging planters are also a great way to call attention to your plants.

Create a focal pointiv planters

Have a boring space that needs a little pizzazz? You can create an interesting and artistic focal point using these Off the Wall Mini Plant Pots. Installing them on a blank wall can make a space seem surreal with the pot’s one of a kind look!

And for you fledgling indoor gardeners who are like me…too busy and always forgetting to water the plants (at least I never forget to feed my kids, thank goodness!), these IV Planters solve the problem. They do just what the name implies and look “fab” while doing it.

Being a city girl myself, I am excited that there are now so many ways for us to bring the outdoors in. It’s good for our spirits and it helps our homes have a more natural beauty!

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