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How to get the natural makeup look


No one wants to look like she’s wearing a pound of makeup. Sure, when you’re heading to an event or just feel like going glam, you might be a little heavy handed with eyes, lips and cheeks. On a day-to-basis, at the office or out for brunch, though, the goal is to look naturally fresh, bright and clear skinned. Here are some tips for achieving the natural makeup look.

Use these tips to get a flawless, yet natural-looking makeup finish:

Tip #1 for the natural makeup looksrestraint

Try tinted moisturizer for a natural makeup look

The point of natural makeup look is to look like you’re not wearing any — that you always happen to look this great. So avoid overdoing it; instead, exercise restraint. Before you even start putting makeup on, think about what you can eliminate. The more you can edit, the better — so stick to only what you really think you need. Do without shadow and use only a swipe of mascara instead, if you can.

Tip #2 for the natural makeup looksMinimal foundation

While there’s nothing wrong with foundation (and it definitely has its place), looking natural means scaling back on how much you use. Switch to a sheer, water-based formula you can layer. Better yet, if your complexion allows, opt for tinted moisturizer and concealer only where you need it most.

Tip #3 for the natural makeup looksSubtle enhancements

Try a cream blush for a natural makeup look

Looking natural means making subtle enhancements to your features, rather than bold strokes that can draw too much attention to them. So, rather than bold lip color, choose something sheer with just a hint of color, such as a lip stain or tinted gloss. Instead of your usual blush, opt again for something sheer (a cream blush) or even a dusting of bronzer to give yourself a sunkissed look.

Tip #4 for the natural makeup looksNeutral hues

While playing with spring’s bold hues can be fun if you’re meeting your BFFs for a night on the town, opt for neutral hues when you want to look natural. Pale lips, minimal blush and earthy tones on your eyes will give you a fresh, barely-there look suitable for an afternoon of shopping with the girls or a busy day of meetings.

Makeup tips by Color

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