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6 Spring beauty reboot tips

Try these simple spring beauty tips to reboot your daily beauty routine and jump start any of those beauty resolutions that may have already begun to fizzle.

Spring Skincare

Toss any products that might irritate your skin.

Maybe you tried a high level retinol or glycolic product that irritated your skin, or caused you to break out. Whatever it is, remove it from your skincare regimen to avoid over-exfoliating or causing further irritation, which in the long run can make your skin more dry and prone to red patches. Instead, try some more soothing formulas that contain antioxidants, peptides or hyaluronic acid.

Perfect Skin

Now is the time to eliminate any products that make your skin look cakey or highlight imperfections.

At the makeup counter, experiment with different formulas from airbrush to cream or mineral, and decide which one is best for your skin. This is the perfect time to add in a primer and make it a part of your daily beauty routine. Primers smooth your skin and create a smooth base for your makeup. Some formulas are tinted so you can even go without makeup if you choose and some contain colors (such as green, pink or yellow) to correct complexion flaws.

Smile Bright

With so many at-home innovations for teeth whitening, this is the time to make a whiter smile a priority!

For the time challenged, Rembrant’s 2-Hour Whitening Kit or even a treatment with LED technology such as Go Smile’s Smile Whitening Light. You can find the kit for under $20. You’ll catch yourself smiling more and feeling even more confident.

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Hair heat

Since most women use hair dryers or heat tools on their hair, now is the time to add in a thermal heat protector.

Try TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray, available at drugstores. Continually using heat products on your hair will continue to damage and cause breakage and dryness so it’s important to protect your hair in any way you can. Now is the time to try a hair oil such as Moroccan Oil. There are even formulas for those of us with fine hair. Hair oils are usually a combination of Argan Oil (which naturally contains Vitamin A , Vitamin F and Omega 6) and silicones, which are proven to smooth and protect hair from environmental factors.


If you hav artificial or gel nails, try giving your nails a break every few months to help strengthen them and return to their natural state.

Now is the time to try one of spring’s nude tones that look understated and natural, yet polished. Another option is to try nail polish strips, such as Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips, which cost about $9 at drugstores.

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Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Beauty products are increasingly moving towards organic and natural ingredients — give one of these a shot!

With technology improving to increase the performance of natural ingredients, now is the time to try eco-friendly products that are both good for you and for the environment. Look for products that contain 100% certified organic ingredients such as Physician’s Formula Organic Wear, which was the first line in the USA to obtain the ECOCERT seal of approval.

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