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Jennifer Aniston’s new haircut

In what seems like a clear attempt to upstage Justin Beiber and the hair cut heard around the world earlier this week, “Just Go With It” star Jennifer Aniston just went with it and cut her hair off, too.

Aniston rocks a new hairdo in Spain this week

Jennifer Aniston, who just turned 42, celebrated her birthday with by debuting a sexy new haircut at the Madrid premiere of her new film, Just Go With It.

It’s hard to beat the layered bob known as “The Rachel,” but Jennifer Aniston is really rocking her new hairstyle.

It’s short and sassy, yet still totally age appropriate. (Not that Aniston is old.) Methink she’ll make a lot of new friends with this new cut.

Sorry, I had to.

Will Aniston’s flirty new cut become the new “Rachel?”

Speaking of “The Rachel,” Aniston recently told Allure magazine she felt that her world famous, trendsetting and oh-so ’90s hairstyle was the “ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen.”

C’mon! Really? Think of all those millions of Ross ‘n Rachel loving copycats who just loved it!

Her comment actually had to be amended a tad when people got a little miffed over the dissed ‘do.

Said Anistion:

“[I didn’t like] the tension it brought, [as opposed to] than the cut itself. When it became the Rachel… in hindsight, when I’m 100, I’ll say, ‘Oh, they had a haircut about the character I played.”

You can check out her old haircut in her new movie with Adam Sandler, playing in theatres now.

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