Royal Wedding invitation dress code revealed

It’s a big day in Buckingham Palace! It was announced today that the Royal Wedding invitations have been printed and sent out. So, what do they look like? And what do they say?

Uniforms, Morning Coats and Lounge Suits, Oh my!

Gorgeously printed on off white colored paper, the Royaly invites are die-stamped in black text with gold and gilded edges topped with a gold crown.

The most interesting part of the Royal invitations though, has got to be the lower right hand corner where its states the required dress code for the nuptials: Uniform, Morning Coat or Lounge Suit. Huh?

As Americans, we’d expect to see Formal Evening wear or Cocktail attire, so just what the heck do these dress codes mean?

For the uniform, that’s easy. If you’re in the Royal Army or happen to work at Hot-Dog-On-A-Stick, you wear your best dress blues.

The Royal dress code

Will David Beckham wear a Lounge Suit or Morning Coat?

So, who has to follow these code?

We know pretty well who the royal guest list includes so far. Presumably the Royal family, a bunch of diplomats, lords, ladies and clergy, plus famous friends including David Beckham and his wife Victoria. Also invited are Prince William’s college buddies and Kate Middleton’s family, of course.

Ordinary folks will have to watch from their TVs in their dress code of pajamas (the time difference will put the wedding on very late at night in the US).

The invitation cards were mailed out in pale brown envelopes, bearing the queen’s royal seal.

Said the king to be:

“You need to remember all the people who’ve worked with and helped you over the years — from the kindergarten teachers, to the person who taught you to swim … I think we’ll see some of those people included.”

Let’s hope the swim teacher doesn’t come in her uniform.


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