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Makeup tips for redheads

For fair-skinned redheads, makeup colors should be natural and not overpowering. If you have red hair, follow these simple makeup tips to bring out your natural beauty and look your best!

Natural redhead

Use a yellow-based foundation

Stay away from foundation with a red or pink base. They will make your complexion look too ruddy and clash with your hair color. Redheads should use a sheer yellow-based (or peachy) foundation that is sheer enough to let your fabulous freckles show through. Look for makeup that contains SPF 15 or above to protect your fair skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

“Redheads usually have fair skin, so it’s best to opt for a sheer foundation to let the natural skin, and possibly freckles, shine through!” says SheKnows beauty expert Nina Sutton.

Keep eye makeup neutral

Neutral eye makeup doesn’t have to be boring. Pick eyeshadow in shades of beige, camel, honey, gold and chestnut. Apply brown eyeliner with a light hand and smudge it a little for evening. Skip the blacks — brown liner and mascara enhance the skin and hair color of redheads.

Nina advises, “Redheads should opt for brown- or mauve-toned eye makeup with brown eyeliner or mascara (or other soft colors, such as plum). The eyeliner should also be a pencil or a powder (applied with an eyeliner brush) for a softer look vs. liquid.”

When it comes to women with red hair, they can get away with warm peach-toned blush and should avoid bronzers, says Nina.

Avoid red lips

“To finish the look, nude and beige lip glosses look great on redheads,” says Nina. The general rule is to avoid pink and red lip color if you have red hair. However, rules are meant to be broken and you should experiment and find out what works best for you. Blue- and gold-based reds can look great on some redheads.

When it comes to pinks, you might be surprised which colors will complement your hair color and skin tone. A cherry-pink or bright plum might look amazing. Select matte formulas or lip stains rather than an ultra-glossy or extra creamy lipstick.

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