The best makeup tips to bring your blue-eyed-beauty ‘A’ game

Wing it!

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Cat-eye or winged eyeliner looks awesome with blue eyes. Winged liner puts all the focus on your baby blues, and looks terrific in any shade — from black to turquoise and violet to orange… yes, orange liner. A subtle, barely-winged look will work for everyday wear. But for special occasions, get dramatic with a thicker, more exaggerated line.

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For the blue-eyed girls who are ready to mix it up and try something new, Crowley advocates using a different color of eyeliner for the same winged effect. “Choose navy/deep blue, dark chocolate brown or even violet/purple shades to enhance your eye color,” she says. “Using a bronze eyeliner is your best option for making your eyes stand out. You can never go wrong with a bronzy brown shade!”


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With all this focus on the right eyeshadow shade for your blue hue, it’s natural to assume that luscious lip colors should go out the window. Not so, says Trotter. In fact, she recommends focusing on your lipstick shade as a finishing touch to bring out your blues. “Lipstick makes a huge difference when you have light eyes! If you’ve never tried a pop of color on your lips, you might be surprised to find that it really balances your features and brightens the color of your eyes even more,” she says.

Trotter advises, “Go classic with a bright red, fun and flirty with a hot pink or easy and wearable with a berry shade that works on literally any skin tone.” For your cheeks, dust on a sweep of blush in a light and natural hue. As Crowley reminds us, peach, coral and bronze shades can make most blue eyes appear bluer.

Updated by Bethany Ramos on 3/29/2016


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