Best products for getting rid of blackheads

Blackheads are one of the most frustrating skin care issues, and most people have to deal with them at some point. Here are a few of our favorite products aimed at clearing skin and banishing blackheads.

Clearing cleanser to get rid of blackheads

Get rid of blackheads with these top acne-fighting products:

Clearing cleanser

To help bust blackheads, you need a blemish-fighting cleanser that contains ingredients for getting rid of acne-causing bacteria, dirt and excess oil.

Try Dr. Dennis Gross All-In-One Cleansing Foam ($36) to help dissolve bacteria and blackheads. Not only does it cleanse skin of impurities, but it also works without drying out the skin.

St. Ives Green Tea Scrub is great for getting rid of blackheads

Scrubbing superstar

Exfoliating helps loosen blackheads, making them easier to remove.

We love St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub ($6.49) because it gently exfoliates skin, helping to clear blemishes without harsh chemicals. Plus, it’s easy on the wallet. St. Ives Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub ($5.79) is another good (and affordable) choice for getting rid of dead skin cells and ridding pores of impurities that can cause blackheads.

Toning pads give your skin extra blackhead-fighting power

Total toning

Toning pads give your skin extra blackhead-fighting power with blemish-busting ingredients aimed at clearing skin.

Try Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads ($36), which contain glycolic acid and salicylic acid to cleanse and clarify the skin, eliminate bacteria and loosen blackheads.

Blackhead treatment

Blackhead treatment

Getting rid of blackheads can be tricky business, and we don’t recommend doing any extractions your own — that’s what getting a facial is for.

One great at-home product to try is Dr. Brandt pores no more vacuum cleaner ($45), which helps loosen blackheads by absorbing dirt and oil that can further clog pores. Two to three times a week, apply a thin layer to affected areas, leave on for five to 10 minutes and rinse. Also try Dermadoctor Picture Porefect ($40), which minimizes the look of large pores, helps remove blackheads and clears excess dirt and oil.

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Extracting blackheads

How to extract a blackhead properly

Don’t harm your skin by squeezing the wrong way — you could bruise or tear your skin. Instead, learn the stretch-and-squeeze technique the pros use to extract blackheads and achieve clearer skin.

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