DIY green home makeover

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8Save water

Save water and save money too. Here are six simple ways to conserve water in your home:

  • Fix leaks right away
  • Install water-saving faucets, toilets and showerheads
  • Limit showers to five minutes
  • Turn off the water when brushing your teeth and shaving
  • Only run full loads in your washing machine and dishwasher
  • Install a rain barrel

Lowe’s offers this video on how to install a rain barrel system in your home.

9Have an efficient recycling system

Make recycling easy for your family by having designated containers for recyclables in convenient places — under the sink or just outside your back door are great options. Before throwing anything in the trash, be sure to ask yourself, “Can this be recycled, repurposed or reused?” You can also compost your food waste and make fertilizer for your garden. You can start the pile on the ground in your backyard or buy a container for it. Put leaves, grass clippings and all your organic kitchen scraps in the pile to create nutrient-rich soil for your plants and flowers.

10Repaint with low or no VOC paint

When you want to repaint a room in your house, reach for a bucket of low or no VOC paint instead of the traditional variety. Standard paints emit toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be harmful to your family. A new paint job can spruce up your rooms and be healthier.

11Buy local and organic

Head to the farmer’s market to buy locally grown, organic fruit, vegetables, meat and poultry. Before you leave for the store, ask your neighbors if you can pick up their groceries too — this will cut down on gas consumption for everyone. Also buy locally-crafted furniture, housewares and other items whenever possible to support your community.

12Talk to a green home professional

The US Green Building Council’s Green Home Guide website offers advice and ideas for creating a green home. Whether you are remodeling or building new, it’s a terrific source of information about everything from ways to make your roof more energy efficient to creating a green baby nursery. You can also ask questions about specific home projects and a professional will give advice and tips.

13Purchase a fuel-efficient car

Eventually you’ll have to travel from your fabuously green home. Buy a fuel-efficient car or hybrid vehicle if you can. Try to skip driving to work two days a week — use public transportation, bike or walk when possible. Organize a car pool at your office and get your co-workers involved. Make it a rule to never drive anywhere that you can walk or bike. You’ll save on fuel consumption and costs, cut down on air pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and get fit too.



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