4 Style lessons we’ve learned from Glee

Aside from showing us that song and dance can alleviate most of life’s problems, the characters on Glee show us a lot about personal style. No, not every student who graces the halls of McKinley High could win a fashion competition, but the lessons run deeper than brand names and designer duds. Here are a few of the biggest style lessons we can learn from Glee.

Cast of Glee


Always be yourself.

The biggest style (and life) lesson we can learn from Glee is that being yourself is the best style statement you can ever make. It doesn’t matter who you hang out with or what you look like: You can still look fabulous if you’re confident and secure in who you are.

2Flaunt your personal style.

No one does a better job of this than the lovely ladies of Glee. Each character’s personality shows through in fashion, from Rachel’s preppy chic and Tina’s gothic-leaning look to Mercedes’ big, bold outfits. Whatever your fashion favorites, don’t be afraid to show the world your own stunning and unique style.

3Wear what works for you.

Whether you’re curvy, thin, short or tall, wearing what suits your body shape and size is another great style lesson from the girls of Glee. Mercedes knows how to flatter her curves, and Rachel wears skirts and dresses proportionate to her small stature. You’ll be most comfortable and look your best if you stick to what works for your size and shape.

4Embrace color.

No on one Glee (except maybe the football players) shies away from color, nor should you. Bold hues are fun to wear and perk up any outfit. Whether you want to sport all-over look-at-me color or just accessorize with something vibrant, take a page out of the Glee style book and add something bright and bold to your wardrobe.

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