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Makeup tips for oval faces

Your face shape should be a big factor in how you apply your makeup — and good makeup application strives to achieve the look of an oval face. You’ve already got it, so you don’t need to do much more. Here’s how to use makeup to emphasize your assets.

Jessica Alba has an oval shaped face

Contouring for oval faces

An oval face doesn’t need much contouring, but there are couple of things you can do to add a little definition to your face.


Stick with your normal foundation

You don’t need to buy a bunch of new products to bring out the best in your face.

“This is considered the perfect shape, so unless your face shape bothers you, stick to your normal foundation,” says New York makeup artist Jessica Lauren. “If you want to make your face appear a little bit shorter and thinner, you can apply foundation [along your jaw] one shade darker than your natural skin color.”


Bring out your best features

Use highlighter in the center of your forehead as well as on your chin to bring these areas of your face forward, making them a bit more prominent. You can also add a little highlighter at your temples, blending it downward underneath your eyes.

If you want your cheekbones to appear a little more prominent, add a darker shade of bronzer or blush in the hollow under your cheekbones and add a lighter shade on the apples of your cheeks.


Keep a naturally arched brow

To emphasize your pretty eyes, stick with the natural arch of your brows — you don’t want anything too dramatic or too flat. Don’t overpluck them, and follow these tips for the best eyebrow shapes for your face shape.


Emphasize your lips or eyes, but not both

When you are going out for the evening, play up the makeup on your lips or your eyes — but not both. For example, with a smoky eye look, keep your lip color neutral. With a glossy red lip, stick with brown eye shadow, one coat of mascara and a natural liner.

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Makeup tips by color

Find out what shades of makeup look best on you with these fresh makeup tips that are specific to your eye color or hair color.

What color are your eyes?

What color is your hair?

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