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SK SPOTLIGHT: Living large (while spending small)

Live large, spend smallLive large, spend small.

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? But if you’ve actually tried it, you know: it’s a lot harder to put into practice than you’d imagine.

You can do it

You’ve heard the adage, “The best things in life are free.” Well, we believe that — but also think that there’s still lots of really good stuff that’s affordable, if not downright cheap.

Whatever your hope — whether it’s to turn your so-so home into a heavenly haven, if you want the kind of style that suits your inner diva, or your goal is to eat exquisitely each night — we have tips and tricks, ideas and innovations to help you get there… without breaking the bank!

Luxe home on a budget

Your whole home

  1. Give your home decor some zing for just a little bling
  2. 5 Ways to make your home a sanctuary (on a budget)
  3. Beautiful, soothing indoor fountains
  4. Home on a budgetDecorating with what you have
  5. Cheap, easy ways to turn your home from drab to fab
  6. How to shop for your home on a budget
  7. Five home style tips that cost less than $50
  8. Chic walls on the cheap
  9. Inexpensive decorating & organization solutions
  10. Keep up with the Joneses… on a budget


  1. 5 Ways to budget bathroom decor
  2. 4 powder room makeovers to die for
  3. How to update old fixtures on a budget
  4. Two day bathroom makeover
  5. Bathroom makeovers: Create a spa sanctuary at home


  1. Bedroom makeovers on a $100 budget
  2. 10 Fab finds for the bedroom
  3. Bedroom decorating ideas photo gallery
  4. 5 Kids’ room fixes under $20
  5. Baby nursery design on a budget


  1. 10 Budget-friendly ways to decorate your home for summer
  2. Low-budget autumn accessories for home
  3. Small luxuries that make your home cozy
  4. 8 Cheap but stylish holiday decor finds
  5. Cozy home décor: Warm up with textiles


  1. The best outdoor furniture bargains
  2. Inexpensive ways to decorate your patio
  3. 10 Outdoor decorations for less than $20
  4. How to make your backyard a hangout spot
  5. Creating an outdoor oasis on the cheap

Fab (but cheap) Beauty & style

Beauty basics

  1. Budget alternatives to your favorite beauty splurges
  2. Bargain vs Big bucks: Savvy ways to spend less
  3. 8 Best beauty buys
  4. Spa treatments for the girl on a budget
  5. Price points of pretty: Are expensive beauty products better?


  1. MakeupHow to save on hair products
  2. How to get long-lasting hair color
  3. Homemade hair masks
  4. 3 Affordable treatments to nourish hair
  5. Board: Haircare and hairstyles


  1. How to turn your drugstore makeup into luxury beauty
  2. Save or splurge: Eye makeup
  3. 10 cheap must-have beauty products
  4. Do-it-yourself, at-home beauty secrets to save you time and money
  5. How to buy cosmetics from the drugstore

Fashion & style

  1. Designer clothing lines at budget retail stores
  2. Online sample sale websites
  3. 10 Haute designer looks for less
  4. 5 Best budget fashion blogs
  5. How to find designer kids’ clothes on a budget

More ways to save & spend smart


  1. 7 ways to save money without sacrificing your lifestyle
  2. money rollHow to turn your “stuff” into cash
  3. Board: Freebies, coupons, contests & ways to save
  4. 6 Online budget and money tools
  5. Freebies, coupons, contests & savings blog


  1. Tips for shopping on a budget
  2. Teaching kids about money
  3. Flea market shopping: Finding hidden treasures
  4. E-Savings: Bargain websites that will save you money
  5. Our favorite coupon sites

More ways to live well for less

Love & romance

  1. 10 Budget date night ideas
  2. Planning a beautiful wedding on a shoestring budget
  3. The perfect cheap date night in
  4. 10 Tips to save money dining out
  5. How to buy good cheap wine



  1. Grilling steak on a budget
  2. 7 tips for saving money at the supermarket
  3. 5 Free things you shouldn’t be paying for
  4. Save money on your grocery bill: Psych tricks
  5. Tips for eating out with your family on a budget


  1. Cheap travel: 3 budget-friendly weekend retreats
  2. 9 tips for a budget-friendly vacation
  3. Big fun, small price: 10 Budget-friendly vacation ideas
  4. Cheap travel: 3 budget-friendly weekend retreats
  5. Aloha! Maui on a budget


  1. Budget-friendly fitness: How to get a great body on the cheap
  2. Low-cost fitness gear for your at-home gym
  3. The best at-home workout
  4. 3 Cardio routines you can do without the gym
  5. Get a celebrity body on a budget

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