Hairstyles for square faces

If you have a square-shaped face, you have a strong, angular jawline, and your face measures about the same from top to bottom as from side to side — think Demi Moore and Keira Knightley. Here are the hairstyles that look best on the strong, beautiful square face shape.

Keira Knightley

1Long, loose waves

Women with oblong faces can’t get away with extremely long hair, but square faces definitely can. Wear your hair long (several inches below the shoulders) in loose waves to soften your features and jawline.

2Soft, layered bob

If you want to wear your hair short, do so with a soft, layered bob. Don’t get a blunt cut; it will accentuate your boxy, square jaw.

3Sideswept bangs

Avoid straight, blunt and thick bangs. Instead, ask your stylist for sideswept bangs that are just below brow length.

Pixie cuts, long layered styles and curly hair below the jawline also look great on a square face.

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