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FTD offer scandal spells trouble for Groupon

Groupon is in a bit of hot water again for their recent FTD offer. What are customers saying and how did Groupon respond?

Groupon FTD scandal

Did you purchase an FTD Groupon earlier this week?

Have you logged on to purchase FTD flowers for your Valentine with that Groupon? If so, you might want to look at the fine print. It seems that Groupon and FTD are in a bit of hot water with customers who thought they were purchasing the deal.

FTD Groupon scandal

It turns out that FTD and Groupon were trying to pull a fast one by directing customers to a specific website for the dea: That’s not unusual – companies want to be able to track who uses their deal.

However, some customers figured out that the special website had jacked-up prices for FTD flowers – and that the same flowers could be purchased on the main FTD website for cheaper.

“This Groupon is a RIP-OFF!!! You get a $10 discount on a dozen roses by going directly to the FTD site. If you go through the Groupon link (so that you can redeem the voucher) the price is $10 more! Shame on you Groupon,” one commenter wrote Friday on a Groupon forum.

Groupon: We’re sorry

Groupon learned of the customer uprising and said they worked with the company to give Groupon buyers the ability to purchase flowers on the main FTD site. Customers who already purchased will receive refunds for the price difference.

It’s a good choice for a company that has faced plenty of controversy this week for their Super Bowl commercials. However, it makes us wonder if this has happened before and it’s only apparent now because of the Super Bowl commercial scandal.

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