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What your favorite household scent says about you

Do you love the fresh scent of lemon, or prefer the relaxing scent of lavender flowers? Your nose may know more than you think it does. Find out what your favorite household scent says about you and which scent may help improve test scores and which one can help you relax.

Scent has the power to uplift your mood, help you relax after a stressful day and energize you with an uplifting fragrance. Find out what your favorite household scent can say about you!


People who like the clean scent of lemon often prefer their home to be uncluttered and organized. They prefer white or light-colored furnishings and have a take-charge approach to life. You will find lemon-lovers outside a lot, taking a jog, walking their dog or enjoying a bike ride at sunset. If you are studying for a test or writing a term paper, you want to consider this scent as it was found to improve alertness, relieve stress and reduce keyboard errors by 50%!


This citrus scent attracts people who are whimsical and creative. Even though their house may not always be spotless, it is always warm and inviting – and is often the neighborhood hang-out. If you are feeling stressed or down, you may want to surround yourself with this scent. An Austrian study found that an orange odor gave people a more positive mood and greater sense of calmness.

3Mountain springMountain spring

Those who love this fresh, crisp scent are often nature lovers. They live a green lifestyle and make a point to recycle, avoid plastic and drive a fuel-efficient hybrid car. Their pastimes include gardening, mountain biking and skiing and hitting up their local farmer’s market. Their home is often decorated in earth tones, with leather furniture and nature-themed home decor.

4Ocean breezeOcean breeze

The scent of ocean breeze is loved by people who are laid-back and easygoing. They are often pet lovers and treat their animal like a member of the family. In fact, many are huge advocates of animal rights and love searching out and helping to protect endangered species. You will find ocean breeze lovers at a local charity, as they love getting involved in causes that are important to them and giving back. Their home is often decorated in light colors and has a shabby chic feel to it.


Lovers of lavender often have high-stress jobs and they love the relaxing scent of this purple flower. Many are trying to juggle multiple areas of their life, such as a job, family and household responsibilities, and will often unwind at the end of the day with a book and a glass of wine. They love vacationing at a wine vineyard or taking a yoga retreat to help them reconnect. Lavender can be traced back to the Egyptians and Greeks of ancient times and was used for its calming and stress relieving properties.


Those who love a sweet floral scent are often romantics at heart. They have a soft spot for love stories, classic movies and believe wholeheartedly in love at first sight. They often have their home decorated comfortably, with warm colors and lush fabrics. Many lovers of floral scents forge a strong bond with friends and family and are known for their upbeat and caring attitude.

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