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5 Organizing tips for working moms

Whether you work from home or just use your office for family purposes, giving your home office a spring cleaning will boost productivity while reducing stress. From categorizing the clutter to keeping at-home kids happy so you can work, give yourself a career spring cleaning and organize your office with these tips for working moms.

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1Put clutter into categories

Breathe some fresh air into your home office by dividing your office into categories, such as work, leisure (magazines, recipes, brochures, etc.), errands (mail, movie rentals, etc), and extras (toys, crafts, etc.). Then keep your desk clutter-free by designating a single electronic or paper planner system; leaving an errand tote by the door to grab on the go; using three-ring binders for tear-outs; and designating a drawer for things that aren’t work-related that can be cleared out once per week.

2Use drawer organizers

Give your drawers a spring cleaning by organizing your drawers. From paper clips and scissors to CDs and files, slipping an organizer into each office drawer will keep clutter at bay. When everything has a place, you’ll save time you used to spend searching through the chaos.

3Discard unnecessary paperwork

Vow to weed out the contents of your file cabinet and business card collections each spring — which also helps you prepare for tax time. Shred outdated paperwork and box “keepers,” marked with the year to which it pertains. Then pick up a Rolodex or business card binder to keep contacts in their place.

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4Clean up your hard drive

When spring cleaning your office, remember to dust off old files on your computer, too. Once your items are electronically copied and backed up, go through the folders on your hard drive and delete any outdated or unnecessary files to free up space and boost your computer speed.

5Organize your at-home kids

Moms who work from home often have little ones to look after, adding distractions that can keep a career woman from completing work-related responsibilities. This spring, think about enlisting a mother’s helper and create a daily schedule for your kids that can be followed with minimal help from you during your designated work time. This will reduce the amount of time spent scrambling to keep kids entertained on the spot.

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By giving your home office a spring cleaning, you’ll not only gain time, you’ll also reduce your stress while working at home. “Visual clutter is very taxing on your mind,” shares Tonia Tomlin, organization expert and president of “You can think more clearly, focus on important tasks without piles and stacks of paper all over your desk.” Once everything is in order, you may even find yourself with extra time to head outside with your kids and enjoy a beautiful spring day!

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