Our favorite 2011 Super Bowl commercials

This year’s Super Bowl commercials didn’t disappoint! Read on for a few of our picks for the best 2011 Super Bowl commercials.

Best 2011 Super Bowl Commercials

Did you catch the Super Bowl?

If you’re like us, you watched Super Bowl XLV for the commercials, not the football (though Green Bay Packer’s MVP Aaron Rodgers is pretty cute.)

There were a ton of Super Bowl commercials this year, no doubt adding to the estimated $1.6 billion spent on Super Bowl commercials over the past 10 years, according to data released from the market research firm Kantar Media.

Which Super Bowl commercials were you digging? There were so many to choose from – here are a few of our faves.

Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne for Best Buy

The Biebs is everywhere these days, including this Super Bowl commercial for Best Buy. This time he’s taking rocker Ozzy Osbourne’s place – leading Osbourne to ask “what’s a Bieber?” The funny thing is, Osbourne actually asked this very thing in an US Weekly interview.

Eminem’s Chrysler ad

Sure, this one isn’t playful or funny – but Eminem’s Chrysler commercial does hit home. The commercial shows how Detroit is rebounding after the devastating recession – and it makes us remember to buy American.

Career Builder and the chimps

OK, so this one wasn’t the most innovative or anything like that, but it was cute. The main reason we liked it? The Nebraska license plates on the cars (Note: This author is from Nebraska. Only people from Nebraska would notice and take pride in a commercial featuring something simple like license plates.)

Volkswagen Passat and Little Darth Vadar

This commercial is adorable – mainly because of its pint-sized star. Really, who wouldn’t love a mini-Darth Vadar? It’s pretty much irresistible.

You can view all of the 2011 Super Bowl commercials on YouTube.

What were your favorite 2011 Super Bowl commercials?

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