Were Groupon’s Super Bowl commercials tacky or funny?

Groupon put out a few edgy — and controversial — commercials during the Super Bowl. Watch them here and decide if they’re offensive or progressive.

Groupon Super Bowl Commercials

Social deal giant Groupon took a huge gamble with their Super Bowl commercials — would people like their edgy take on important social issues like Tibetan freedom, Rainforest deforestation and endangered whales?

The consensus so far is a big fat “no!”

“Making fun of Chinese oppression in Tibet? Way to go Groupon,” one tweeter wrote, referring to the Groupon Super Bowl ad that stars actor Timothy Hutton.

“I guess Groupon decided to do a funny commercial about Tibet b/c Darfur would be in bad taste? #adFAIL,” wrote another tweeter.

The Tibet Groupon commercial began with a somber Dalton discussing the oppression of Tibetans over images of the land and its people. Then, it switched to a decidedly unfunny pitch for Groupon.

Watch the Tibet Groupon commercial

The two other Groupon Super Bowl commercials were also offensive to some viewers. Cuba Gooding Jr. was featured in one talking about the plight of Whales before pitching for Groupon.

Watch the Whales Groupon commercial

The least offensive of the three was the Groupon ad featuring a beautiful Elizabeth Hurley discussing deforestation and the merits of another sort of “deforestation” through a Groupon deal.

Watch the Rainforest Groupon commercial

Do you think Groupon made the right choice with these commercials? Did they offend you, or make you laugh?

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